The Oxford Comma Is My Friend

oxford comma

Back when I was younger, the Oxford Comma and I weren’t exactly pals. Sure, I knew who he was. I’d nod his way when we passed each other and he’d give me a meek smile in return. We never really talked but we both knew that the other existed.

All that changed a month or so ago when I got my very first job at a digital marketing company in (at? on??? Ah, whatever.) Quezon City. The Oxford Comma is now my friend. I can no longer write without him.


My Love Affair With Writing

For those who don’t know (but care enough to want to know hahaha), I work as a copywriter. Never in my life did I ever imagine this as my first job. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, though.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an author. Books of all sorts were my whole world. During my high school years, my writing dream shifted. When I joined our school newspaper, I became enamored with journalism. I opted to take up the course Mass Communication in college but Life had other plans for me.

I got into the school I wanted but not the course I truly desired.

(F.Y.I. I’m a Psychology major. Psych and I have a loving bond that is more like a gentle friendship than a passionate romance.)


Where Existential Crises Blossom

Ah, the University of the Philippines, my great love… who is also the source of a lot of my great pain.

My college days came with some of the greatest hurdles of my young life. As a person who has been an honor student since pre-school, getting failing grades was like getting stabbed in the heart. My confidence and self-esteem plummeted. I began believing I was stupid, gained weight, and experienced a lengthy period of chronic sadness.

Of course, soon enough, my fortunes changed… or rather, I changed.

I grew.

I learned how to study harder than I ever did before. I found great friends who helped and supported me. I found great mentors in some of my awesome professors. I fell in love with films. Soon, I started writing again.


A Tale of Self-Discovery

For all four-and-a-half years I was in UP, I barely wrote anything aside from school-related papers and the occasional social media rant. In my fourth year, my love for writing came back. I decided to start updating my long-abandoned WordPress blog (hello there!) for practice. Then, I began dreaming of being a screenwriter and joined a bunch of film-related workshops and seminars.

It was a lot of fun. Yes, to this day, I still dream of being a screenwriter but Life called out to me, reminding me that I should start acting like a responsible adult. “Strive for financial independence first… and help your parents pay the bills”, he said.


Back To Reality

…And, here we are. Before I graduated college, copywriting wasn’t even on my radar. I knew I wanted a writing job because I honestly believe that I am somewhat good at it (it may possibly be the only thing I’m good at).

I applied for a lot of jobs from a variety of industries, from media to print. Finally, I landed the job I currently have–writing marketing materials for small-to-medium businesses. I didn’t expect to be here. Yet, here I am… and you know what? I like the work that I’m doing.

Sure, I don’t get a byline on the newspapers nor do I get to see my name on the end credits of a film or see my face on the back cover of a book. BUT I do get to write. I get to help businesses share their products and services with the world and that is pretty valuable.

I’ve learned a lot in this company. They’ve gotten me to use the Oxford Comma and made me realize how awful I am at using the proper prepositions. I love the people (especially one person in particular *waves at you, even though you probably don’t know who you are* hahaha). I love the friends I’ve made and my two awesome trainers.

The moral of the story here is: Sometimes what we expect isn’t what we need.

I don’t know what the future holds for me but, for now, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.