Movies are a lot like mirrors.

In most good movies, we try to look for ourselves in the characters that we love to watch. But, in really great movies, we see ourselves and get sudden bursts of emotion and insights until it overwhelms us and takes over our minds. And before we know it, we’ll come out of the theater with a smile and a new perspective.

Believe it or not, movies say more about the person watching than it does about the people who made it. The same goes with poetry or stories or paintings. Different people interpret things in different ways. When you watch something and say “This is the lamest thing I have ever seen in my entire life”, it really doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s awful. It just means YOU didn’t like it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I really don’t know why. I love movies and I’m often very hard to please, especially when it comes to Tagalog movies. I always try to go into the theater with an open mind but, oftentimes, what happens is either I like the movie and my friends don’t or they LOVE it and I don’t. Does that mean I’m weird or something?

Like the other day, I was all up in arms about Robert Downey jr. leaving Avengers 2 after I read this seriously convincing article. I actually almost cried about it and I’d whine about it non-stop to the people nearest to me and it really bothered me that they didn’t care about it the way I did. RDJ IS Tony Stark. He’s MY Tony Stark. Why is everyone so level-headed about this?

It turned out to be an April Fools joke and I was so relieved. I didn’t even care that I sounded like a whiny baby crying “RDJ, don’t goooo!” You can’t really blame me. I frickin’ love the guy. Then, it dawned on me that maybe they didn’t care about it as much because they didn’t connect with him the way I did. I’ve watched Iron Man 1 & 2 (and The Avengers) a gazillion times and I loved him more with each viewing. They didn’t understand but, of course, they all “sympathized”.

Like I said, movies say a lot about the person who watches it. No two people are alike. Maybe no one will understand why I’m so obssesed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that’s ok. I can’t tell people not to like Tagalog movies and they can’t tell me what to like either. C’est la vie.

I realized it would be really boring if everyone liked all the same things. Meeting new people, trying new things: it’s all part of what makes life so fun. Maybe I’ll meet people who’ll love RDJ the way I do and maybe I’d meet people who’d laugh at me for being such a fangirl. Such is life.

… But I wouldn’t change a thing.


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