A SERIES OF RANDOM THOUGHTS Episode 1: Hearts and Chocolates


I decided to make it a point to leave my dorm room every time I felt lonely since it’s certainly better than moping around. I went to SM and walked around. I’ve been doing this every day since Tuesday. I’m not really sure why but it relaxes me. Anyway, I noticed all the hearts decor and whatnot. Oh yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow… not that I forgot, it’s just that I’ve never really celebrated it much, at least not like the way I celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve and every other holiday. I went into National Bookstore and looked at books (duh), checking out which looked interesting and which looked lame. I didn’t buy anything because that’s the way I roll. I checked out all the people and noticed that most of them were in groups and they were laughing and smiling and just… happy.

I never thought that being around a lot of people could still make you feel so alone.

Moving on… I noticed a giant Valentine’s Day card that read “I would give up chocolate for you. That’s love.”and I thought that I don’t think I could EVER love anyone enough to give up chocolate for them. CHOCOLATE IS HAPPINESS. Then I went around and eventually got to the graphic novels section. I flipped through some of them, notably the ones with Iron Man on the cover, and wondered why they’re all so expensive. Then I stumbled upon a few books that were on a table next to some more Hearts Day decor. “Warm Bodies”, “The Fault in our Stars”, etc. I wanted to buy some but didn’t because I’m awesome like that. A book called “The Happiness Project” (or something similar to that) caught my eye. I read the back cover. The concept behind the book was definitely interesting. Basically, if you open the book, you’d wonder why nothing was written inside it but then you’d realize that a book can’t tell you how to be happy, you have to find that out on your own. You have to write down at least one thing that made you happy that day.

So, yeah, I guess I decided to start my own Happiness Project right here, right now. (I didn’t buy the book because that’s just the way things are). I can’t promise to write EVERY DAY but, hey, I could try.

I left the book store and casually strolled to the food court. I bought two triple-chocolate brownies.



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